Party Rentals

Host your party at the pool!

All pavilion reservations and private party rentals require a reservation with payment.
We also require the member host to sign the waiver form below and turn it in to the concession stand.

Daytime Pavilion Rental

  • Pavilion rentals are for SCCA members only. All rentals are 2-hour slots and are available throughout the day. All patrons must exit the pool premises after their allotted time.

  • Upon a reservation a check must be provided and made payable to SCCA Pool for the rental fee and guard hours.

  • Your party reservation allows you up to two picnic tables & the use of one gas grill in the WEST half of the pavilion.

  • 1-12 guests ($100) & 13-25 guests ($150)

  • Parties may not last longer than 2 hours and have a maximum of 25 guests. (Non-swimmers included in 25). Consider an evening pool rental party if you need more time and more guests.

  • Full payment is due one week prior to the party for lifeguard scheduling purposes (pay at the guard stand by check to SCCA Pool). The check will not be cashed until the party is complete. SCCA reserves the right to keep pavilion reservations open until payment has been received.

Evening Pool Rental

  • The entire pool facility is available to be rented any Sunday from 7:30-10pm. Evening party reservations are for SCCA members only

  • The base rate for private parties is $350 and includes the entire pool grounds and lifeguards for up to 50 people. More attendees are welcome and costs are: 51-75 people (+$50), 71-100 people (+$50).

  • Additionally, we require a $50 refundable cleaning deposit. This can be provided on a separate check for easier return purposes.

  • Full payment for additional attendees is due two weeks prior to the party for lifeguard scheduling purposes (please pay at the guard stand by check or credit card).